Will the arenas in Apex Legends be arranged?

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Are Arenas in Apex Legends going to be ranked? The game mode is competitive enough to merit ranked treatment, and Respawn Entertainment seems to be committed to long-term success. What did the developer say about the odds of Arenas classified mode?

Will There Be Ranked Arenas in Apex Legends?

In its Season 10 update, Respawn Entertainment announced Apex Legends Arenas classified mode. This update is scheduled to arrive a few days after August 3, but no date has been confirmed.

In Arenas, players form three teams and play death games rounds, gaining cash through their matching performance to spend more on the next round of equipment. The mode promotes intelligent play and rewards Apex’s most skilled players. It’s also a shorter time than a full royal match, which makes it popular for players who want to dice a smaller chunk of Apex during their downtime.

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