Apex Legends Mobile upcoming character leaked

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Apex Legends Mobile may get Loba as a new character in the next season. This was revealed by a data miner who found the files in the game’s code. Loba was first introduced to Apex Legends in Season 5 and has been a fan favorite ever since. It is unknown when exactly she will be added to the game, but it is most likely that she will be added in the next season of Apex Legends Mobile.


Apex Legends Mobile is set to receive a new character soon if recent leaks are to be believed. The Apex Legends Mobile Leaks Twitter account has uncovered who could be the game’s upcoming character.

According to the leak, the next Apex Legends Mobile character will not be a brand-new character, but an existing Legend from Apex Legends. This means that we may see some of our favorite characters from the PC and console versions of the game make their way to mobile soon.

While we don’t know for sure who the new character will be, the leak suggests that it could be Lifeline or Pathfinder. Both of these characters are fan favorites, so it’s likely that many players will be excited to see them.


The new leak suggests that Loba is the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile character. The leaker has found emotes and cosmetics with references to Loba in the game. Loba was added to Apex Legends back in 2019.

Loba is a supporting character who is really useful in finding high-tier loot. Her passive ability, Eye for Quality, let her see epic and legendary loot through walls. Loba’s tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, allows her to teleport around the map using her Jump Drive bracelet. Finally, her ultimate ability, Black Market Boutique, lets her place a portable device that brings nearby loot.

If Loba does come to Apex Legends Mobile, she would be a great addition.

Apex Legends Mobile is continuing to add new content to the game, with the latest leak revealing a new character that will be coming to the mobile version of the game.

The same Twitter account that leaked the five upcoming mobile-exclusive characters for Apex Legends Mobile has now revealed another character called Seeker. Not much is known about this character or their abilities yet. However, since Respawn or EA haven’t confirmed these details yet, the name of this Legend should be taken with a grain of salt.

If this leak is true, then it seems like Apex Legends Mobile is going to get even more popular in the coming days. With new content being added regularly, there’s no doubt that the game will

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