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You’re looking to master using Octane? Our Apex Legends Mobile Octane guide discusses the character overviews, strengths, and abilities alongside gameplay tips and tricks. If you are a fan of this new game but want something more than just video tutorials then continue reading! We made an easy-to-follow list so that all your questions will be answered before downloading Apex beta version today on iOs devices such as iPhone XS Max/XR/8 Plus running iOS 12+.

Overview of the character

Octane is the fastest legend in Mobile Legends. He’s a perfect choice for aggressive players who like to get into fights quickly, and his abilities can help you do that with ease! Another way to play him would be by flanking your opponent before they even know what hit them – this will usually catch their guard off-guard because it comes out of nowhere (just ask any maneater).

But if speed isn’t a really important thing when playing as Octanes then there are also more cautious strategies available such as focusing down weaker opponents first so they don’t pile up on top of each other while overpowering stronger ones later on…and all those sound good to depending upon personal preference but one thought might work better than another at times



Octane’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Octane is the glue that keeps his team together. This character can jump back into battle with a powerful leap, or use an escape pad when necessary to save himself as well as others from being killed by enemies in-game.
No matter what happens during intense moments of gameplay Octanes job remains: staying ahead of everyone else so she has enough time for critical decisions before it becomes too late and their fate depends on him alone one wrong move means game over


  • His ultimate, LaunchPad, is an excellent tool for pushing and escaping
  • Octane is the fastest character in Apex legends Mobile
  • His tactical ability allows him to strafe like a crazy monster
  • An excellent pick for 1v1 fights


  • Tactical ability, if used at the wrong time, can be more problematic than beneficial
  • His Ultimate is better to initiate a fight than to escape, as most of the time, you will find enemies use your jump pad to chase after you

Octane’s abilities

Like all other legends, Octane has three abilities: one passive, one tactical, and one ultimate ability. Let’s take a closer look at these abilities:

  • Passive: Swift Mend – While not taking damage, Octane restores health over time
  • Tactical: Stim – Using this ability increases movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds. However, it costs health to use. It also reduces acceleration while active
  • Ultimate: LaunchPad – A deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air

Apex Legends Mobile Octane Ability Tips and tricks

  • Octane’s health is regenerated even when he is knocked down (when not being damaged). However, it won’t stop you from bleeding out
  • Stim costs 20 health for 6 seconds, but you won’t die if you use it below 20 health, you will always be left at one HP
  • Use Stim in the early game to gather looky quickly
  • Use it to dance like crazy to avoid enemy fire (basically strafing)
  • Slide over jump pad to cover more distance. You can also use the second jump to change your direction mid-air

How to play Octane?

Firstly, You should never be afraid of having low health on this character. In Apex Legends Mobile Octane needs to live life on the edge to be used effectively. It’s a risky character, and if you are caught off-guard, it’s GG. Good players will make the best use of Stim. To be honest, it is his real ultimate ability.

Tips to Become pro in Apex Legends Mobile 

In this article, you will learn and get tips to help with climbing the rank ladder in Apex Legends Mobile.
Apex legend is a new mobile game that has taken over many people’s lives! But don’t worry because I’m here for all your needs as an aspiring player of these epic games (and winner). In my newest guide on how-to-play apex legends like a pro; includes important information such as strategies or tricks which can give players an edge when playing against others online while also helping them improve their skill levels faster than ever before – so they’ll be able to stay competitive at any level up until league finals without too much trouble due solely from being bad/inept at certain things


Your Drop Off is one of the most important aspects in a BR experience, so always keep in mind that if you want to make your drop-off at an area with fewer crowds then try not standing on corners as this can lead towards slower rotations. It would also be best if possible jump when their distance between yourself and destination bobbing helps maximize speed for quicker trips back home!


You’re about to jump off a dropship, so make sure not to land in the same place as your teammates. If enemies are nearby and jumping too then stay far away from them or hide behind cover until they leave!


You know the feeling of victory when you defeat an enemy? Well, if your armor is poor and they have better equipment than yours then that’s going to be a lot harder. The best way I’ve found in getting through tough battles with success is having plenty of battery capsules on hand so healing never has become such hard work for me during engagements!


The appearance of a Gun skin can be very attractive to look at, but the thing about these is that they might sometimes put you at disadvantage as some people have reported bugs with them. It’s also flashy and distracting which could distract your opponent during matches if used in an environment where there are many competitors all vying for one win each.



Remember to ping the loot so your teammate can take it as they go through their own grind. You may be able to find storage in their backpack, which will save time and maybe even fuel more movement!


The door mechanics in the apex can flip a tool. So remember while engaging that it’s possible for you to use these doors to your advantage, or even break them with grenades and other utilities. Apart from this arrowitchie thing where things open delayed because who doesn’t love an opening effect? there are many more interesting strategies when playing around here if people get knocked down – they’ll still be able to block off some paths behind their backs just by standing on top of the closed door! If someone taps into our idiom meaning “get beaten up”, I’d say don’t count chickens before they’re hatched; try running back towards enemy territory (


After a fight, remember that it’s not just about you-it’s also your teammate’s job and they will be looking out for any sign of danger. So don’t rely on the knocked down guy to give up information; keep an eye or use him as bait if necessary but always with caution because he could still end up giving them clues about where you are located!
In general: never forget how easy-going enemy combatants can really turn out when cornered/betrayed by one another in close quarters engagements


When you’re in the middle of The Ring, it’s important to have an escape plan. Keep medkits and syringes on hand at all times so that if one engagement goes south – as they sometimes do for no reason imaginable-you can heal yourself quickly without being distracted by other engagements popping up around your location!


You are watching your favorite streamer, and in one of their videos they show off a 1v3 fight. You think to yourself “I could really do that well if I had the decent aim”. Maybe so! Even Apex players found it tough taking down an opposing player directly head-on though – which means giving up some control over where you go next can save time too because often times running away from enemies is smarter than trying to stay right there with them waiting for someone else’s mistake (and don’t forget about teamwork).


The cargo bot is like a carnival game. You can tell what color it is and how much loot it will have by looking at its design, but the best part? If you take enough shots from top-down on this colorful device with wheels – which in some cases may even drop vault keys or other valuable items!


It’s tough to get a promotion in Apex Legends, but following these steps will help you climb up through the ranks quickly. Keep playing hard and follow this guide for some quick tricks that can boost your competitive experience even higher!
I think it might be easy to forget about all of those little things we do every day until they are gone – so here is one more thing: if at any time during gameplay there is an Error Code Message or Restart Campaign Imminent message (orange warning letters), immediately press “X” on PS4/PS3 Game Controller Touch Screen Display as soon as possible when prompted with either alert before continuing play

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