Apex Legends Mobile: Top 5 Powerful weapons

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The Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 seasonal update was recently released by Respawn and included numerous weapons. While certain weapons dropped out of the meta, others were overpowered after changes in balance.

In Apex Legends Mobile Season 1, the developers introduced a new Marksman weapon called the Bocek Bow. It’s become popular for fans instantly because it is one of the best arms of the current season.

Popular YouTuber Sweatband TV recently uploaded a video about Apex Legends Season 9’s best weapons players to use. This article will discuss, on the basis of the video, the best S-tier weapons player to win every round in Season 1 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile: Top 5  weapons to win every game

Although a number of arms may be called S-tier, only a few are available to take part in Apex Legends Mobile S1. But weapons are only the same as the person who wears them.

The following list is based on S-tier Weapons in Apex Legends Season 1 from Youtuber Sweatbands.

#1 Bocek Bow

Recently launched, Bocek Bow has become one of the strongest weapons in the game, Apex Legends S1. The following is the damage it deals:

Damage to the body – 30 (instant shot)

Body injury – 70 (bow stretched to max capacity)

Damage to the headshot – 37 (tap shot)

Damage to the headshot – 122 (bow stretched to max capacity)

The Bocek Bow also offers players the Shatter Caps caps feature. The most interesting thing about this weapon is that it’s totally quiet, which makes an enormous difference. Anyone who uses this weapon can make a creative sneaky game with adversaries.

#2 Kraber .50-Cal

The Kraber.50-Cal is the best long-range precise rifle and a one-shot, kill weapon in Apex Legends. Many players argue that it can be difficult to handle the Kraber.50-Cal. Before you use it in a match, you must master the weapon in the practice.

A 3/4 helmet level is damaged by the Kraber.50-Cal 290. The Kraber. It causes 145 damage to the body and 116 damage to the leg.

Players must be aware of their environment when using this weapon because a precision rifle is easy to see through the tunnel.

#3 Spitfire

Apex legends are extremely trustworthy for the full-car LMG Spitfire. It damages 27 skulls in 3/4 casks and causes 18 body shots. The Spitfire’s only disadvantage is its low fire rate, reload time, and long ADS time (Aim Down Sight).

But the Spitfire did not stop its position in the S-tier. It is one of the best weapons in long-range combat to spray bullets. The Spitfire is the best choice for players who prefer rifles over snipers and SMG, according to YouTuber Sweatband.

#5 Prowler

Perhaps the best gun in his category is the Prowler SMG. The weapon is much better than other SMGs in it, using special heavy rounds.

Prowler handles an opponent without a helmet about 110 headshot damages. It damages 85 adversaries in level 3/4 with helmets, similarly. The SMG is also responsible for 75 damages to the body and 60 damage to the leg.

But this weapon is intended strictly for close fighting. It won’t be effective to use it in long-term shootouts.

#5 R-301 Carbine

Finally, the R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle takes the number one place. This weapon was included in the A-tier list by YouTuber Sweatband, although it was one of the first weapons players were able to master in-game. It is easy to use R-301 Carbine and makes Apex Legends’ weapon very popular.
It damages 19 people with level 3/4 helmet headshot, and it damages about 12 people with a body shot. It offers fire rate and recoil, which the R-301 Carbine does not suffer. This rifle is in Apex Legends the fastest traveling bullet.
The R-301 carbine is also dominant with high precision and controllable reversal in the mid to long-range of combat.

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