Apex Legends Mobile Release Date in 2021

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Apex Legends Mobile is expected to come soon to one of the biggest gaming titles. However, if we believe recent reports, the game might not really be launched commercially, anytime soon. The update is provided with GemWire, citing CEO Andrew Wilson of Electronic Arts, in remarks about the company’s recent earnings contract about Apex Legends Mobile. In the call, Wilson is supposed to say the publisher only wants to “softly launch” the game by 2021, which does not allow a good release date until 2022.

Wilson said, “As is the nature of mobile games, we have some closed beta tests, open beta tests, and soft launches to make certain we treat the measurements correctly. Taking the game into account a much-anticipated release plan for mobile platforms, he reportedly stated, ‘ What we did was follow the same approach the team had towards the core franchise to make sure we get the gameplay and the event strategy right around the gameplay and listen to players and deliver what they want from that experience.”

According to GemWire, the game is still in its closed beta testing stage, a limited version of early access tests that typically handpicks developers and publishers for a list of game testing testers who offer feedback on the gambling experience. This usually allows beta tests to be opened later, which include a much broader number of users. In addition, although closed beta tests are usually restricted to a specific market, open beta tests generally include all beta testing agents in different markets.


Apex Legend mobile will be published in December of this year as a soft start, followed by a public opening in 2022, according to speculation. There is no clear evidence that the delay is caused by the continuing pandemic Covid19, which has in many ways affected market movements. When Apex Legends Mobile is launched, it is expected to be a major royal title in the battle on phones, with the likes of Battlegrounds Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Garena Free Fire.

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