Apex Legends goes IRL in new stunning Tiktok video

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Apex Legends is making a huge comeback right now, and fans have shown their love for the game in a variety of ways, including this Tiktok, which shows just how much fans adore these characters.

Apex Legends is experiencing a renaissance. While the game received a lot of attention in the months following its release, it seemed like it was always going to be second fiddle to games like Fortnite and Warzone, which seemed to penetrate the cultural zeitgeist much deeper than Apex did. However, this is beginning to change. Season 10 Emergence’s debut saw a slew of big-name streamers flock to the game, putting the title in a well-deserved spotlight.

The love doesn’t stop at Twitch and YouTube, as TikTok user King Vader has brought the game’s newest Legend to life in a TikTok video.

While his pick rate is currently quite low, Seer’s kit makes him one of the most oppressive Legends in the game.
Seer keeps a close eye on the competition at all times, whether through his heartbeat sensor, the auto-tracking provided by his ultimate, or by sniping you with his tactical. All of this makes fleeing him feel like you’re stuck in a scene from an action movie where the good guy has arrived to clean up the mess you’ve unintentionally created for him.

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